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“Alene, a recovering anorexic, skillfully conveys Raesha’s increasing withdrawal from worried friends and her fixation on counting calories and exercising. But this is much more than a problem novel. Raesha’s Western world is beautifully evoked, from the “Breathed blue” of the sky to the camaraderie between the girl and her horse and dog” – The Washington Post
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“This powerful tale is a realistic portrayal of the difficulties many go through every day with an eating disorder.” –
17 Best Young Adult Books Told in Verse

“This debut provides an intriguing and valuable perspective.”” – Booklist

“Raw and heartbreaking, Alene’s work tackles a very sensitive topic with accuracy and compassion. This title will resonate with readers on many levels.”
School Library Journal

“Alene has crafted a beautifully written novel about a teen dealing with grief and struggling with an eating disorder… The fact that it is written in verse enhances both the setting and the characters. Readers will be immediately drawn to Rae and root for her on her path to recovery.”
VOYA Magazine

“Writing in free verse, debut author Alene vividly conveys Raesha’s spiral into anorexia…an illuminating account of a girl struggling for control of her life and body.” – Publishers Weekly

“Through poetry, the voice of the main character, Raesha, and the voice of the author, herself a survivor, this book expresses the painful and critical discovery of self-worth and power that is gained when individuals accept that they are more than a disease… This one is worth the time and the tears.”
School Library Connection

“The Sky Between You and Me is a captivating and enlightening read. It can help teens, adults and parents become more aware of what it’s like for a young person to live with an eating disorder.”  –  Library of Clean Reads
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